Connecting Coverage and Care for better health outcomes

EasyHealth fills the gap in healthcare with integrated solutions for payers and providers

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A mission to expand access to preventive care

EasyHealth's patient-focused, care-obsessed, technology-driven approach – which integrates primary, mental, and social healthcare into one holistic solution – aligns incentives to benefit the patient, health plans, and proviers, all while reducing the total cost of care

At EasyHealth

we are focused on value based care, risk adjustment, STARs, and in-home assessments. We provide comprehensive point of care screenings and Social Determinants of Health data collection, to improve health outcomes for members in value based care

Member experience is our number one priority.

EasyHealth engages the member where they are -- in-the-home and through telehealth -- to develop a 360° view of a members clinical and social needs.

The EasyHealth platform actively engages the patients in their healthcare journey, making sure our members are cared for. With our unique platform plus service-based approach, our members get access to telehealth, in-clinic appointments, and assured follow-up wellness visits for better health in the long run.

Real-time dashboards for realistic risks

EasyHealth’s AI-powered analytics highlight necessary health risk adjustments. Our diagnostics services offer the most advanced risk & quality (HEDIS/STAR) analytics platform. By collecting accurate data on patient satisfaction, we help carriers capture NPS ratings, increase revenue and retention.

Watch your health plan perform better than ever

We prove member satisfaction with accurate data and NPS ratings.

Improved member retention (higher LTV)

Higher plan revenue from accurate risk scoring

Fewer readmissions & unnecessary admissions

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Empowering Members, Transforming Care at Home

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