Enabling Value-Based Care

Engaging your members where they are: in-the-home, in-office, and through virtual care

Our results speak for themselves


Coding accuracy in 2022


Completion rate across member populations in 2022


Clinical quality review of all encounters


Average encounter time across all patients

Partnering with you in risk-based arrangements

Hybrid Deployment Models

  • EasyHealth can deploy nurse practitioners or medical assistants to the home, both in-person and via telehealth

  • Care-obsessed and patient-first approach.

Value-based Care

  • Focus on quality outcomes, not just treatments.

  • Reduce overall costs while enhancing care quality.


  • Tailored adjustments for comprehensive member care.

  • Aligning incentives for patients, health plans, and providers.

Rapid Implementation

  • Efficient program launch within 3 weeks or less

  • Ensure member populations are reached expeditiously

In-home Assessments

  • Healthcare at the comfort of your home.

  • Personalized assessments to care to unique health needs.

Point of Care Screenings

  • Immediate screenings when and where it’s needed.

  • Drive improvements based on real member experiences.


Solving the last mile delivery problem in healthcare

We empower healthy communities through proactive care in collaboration with health plans and provider groups.

Higher Standard of Care

Performing care gap closure and benefit activation to ensure comprehensive care

Cultural Sensitivity

Offering translation services to meet diverse member needs and reach underserved populations

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Empowering Members, Transforming Care at Home

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