Delivering better health outcomes

We partner with health plans and risk-bearing entities to enable value-based care.

EasyHealth's value proposition to serve you and your members

Differentiated deployment model.

Dedicated to reaching your hardest-to-reach populations.

Unique member experience.

Building rapport with your members and providing health & benefit engagement.

Focus on clinical quality

100% clinical quality review of all encounters

360 degree clinical & SDoH capture

Receive a full picture of every patients' health

Discover the EasyHealth Difference

EasyHealth's tech enabled healthcare services engage people where they are, deliver improved member experience, and provide robust data & analytics to support better quality health outcomes.

Empowering Members, Transforming Care at Home

Tech Enabled

Our data-driven platform powers comprehensive health assessments to support value-based care.

Member First

We customize outreach to build trusted relationships with cultural sensitivity, leading to higher engagement and health assessment completion rates.

Mission Driven

We built EasyHealth to improve health outcomes. We are committed to facilitating better care and experience for every member we touch and partner we serve.

Creating value for our partners

Our in-home preventative care solutions are proven to improve health outcomes, boost plan retention, maximize annual wellness visit utilization rates, and close gaps in care.

Coding Accuracy
Member Retention
Completion Rate
Avg Encounter

Solving the last mile delivery problem in healthcare

We empower healthy communities through proactive care in collaboration with health plans and provider groups.

VBC Providers

Risk bearing provider groups, hospitals, independent physician organizations, and accountable care organizations

Health Plans

Plans serving the Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, Commercial / ACA, and Medicaid populations

Elevating Member Experience & Ensuring Retention

At EasyHealth, we understand that a satisfied member translates into sustainable business growth. Our multi-faceted healthcare approach not only delivers comprehensive care but also boosts member loyalty. With our services, we engage and educate members about their health plan benefits and drive radically improved member experience and STARs measures. health plans witness a notable reduction in churn rates, ensuring a stable and growing member base for the long term. We help

Advancing Health Equity & Prioritizing Preventative Care

Equal healthcare access is more than just a mission—it's a necessity for building a resilient health ecosystem. By prioritizing preventative care and understanding the vast social determinants of health, we equip health plans with the tools to cater to diverse member needs effectively. Partnering with us means investing in a future of inclusive healthcare that yields positive, long-term results.

Personalized Care in the Comfort of Home

We recognize the significance of personalized touchpoints in ensuring member satisfaction. Our in-home assessments resonate with members, but more crucially, they offer health plans in-depth, actionable insights. Engaging patients in familiar environments translates to richer data, enabling health plans to craft more effective, tailored care strategies.

How it works

Delivering a higher standard of care to your members and patients

Hybrid Deployment Models

EasyHealth can deploy nurse practitioners or medical assistants to the home, both in-person and via telehealth

100% Clinical Review

All encounters go through 2-stage quality and clinical code review to ensure proper coding

Closing the Loop on Care

EasyHealth communicates with the member, the plan, and the PCP digitally to ensure that all conditions are captured and treated

Dedicated to Member Experience

Our services do not end with an annual wellness visit. Our trained staff helps members with plan and benefit navigation and much more

Our Proprietary Technology Platform

A home-grown platform that is optimized for:

Rapid onboarding
Omnichannel outreach
Benefit activation
Point of care support
Clinical & quality review
Claims and summary

Our Team

Easy Health Medical Solutions is a tech enabled healthcare services organization, committed to redefining care in the home to support value based care.

We’re hiring!
David Duel
Dr. TK Desai
Bobby Thompson
Chief Growth Officer
Steve Giattino
Advisor & Board Member
Jake Ksendzov
Ashton Smith
Jenna Slater
Business Development

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Empowering Members, Transforming Care at Home

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